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 CAD Commands

ARRAY Command

New array options are available to create copies of objects arranged in rectangular and polar pattern. The new array is as a whole (dynamic block). It can be dynamically adjusted the number of ranks, spacing and other related parameters through... Read More


(Enhancement) GstarCAD 2017 brings you the WIPEOUT command enhanced with more options. Now this command could use a circle object to be wipeout or even you can pick up a closed polyline object containing arcs. For example, you can explode and outline... Read More

Concentric Circle Command

(Enhancement) CONCENTRIC(C) option is newly added in circle command, you can input radius several times to create many concentric circles after specifying the circle center, with this new option, you can get the concentric circle in a simple way.   ... Read More


With FLATSHOT command you can create a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on the current view. The edges of all 3D solids, surfaces, and meshes are projected line-of-sight onto a plane parallel to the viewing plane. The 2D representations of... Read More

Copy Command

(Enhancement) There are three options: measure(E), divide(I), path(P) options are added in copy command, user can easily finish the drawing without the assistance of other operations such as divided by segment, by distance, array, or layout bypath in... Read More

ATTDEF command, attribute definition

The ATTDEF command is used to create and save data attribute definition in block. Command ATTDEF (display  Definition dialog box), -ATTDEF (display command line prompts) Ribbon: Home > Block > Define AttributeRibbon: Insert > Block... Read More

ARRAY command, legacy version

The ARRAY command is used to create copies of array objects in 2D or 3D space. Command ARRAY (display Array dialog box), -ARRAY (display command line prompts) Ribbon: Home > Modify > ArrayMenu: Modify > Array Function Description: ... Read More

ARC command

The ARC command is used to create arcs. Command ARC Ribbon: Home > Draw> ArcMenu: Draw > Arc Command Prompts Specify start point of arc or [Center]: Function Description: Users could create arcs by specifying combinations of... Read More

Fillet Command + Inverted

Invert Fillet has a very wide range of usage particularly in construction and furniture industry. The FILLET command now offers a new option called Invert. You can create a reverse fillet by this option.   Read More

Polyline Command

(Enhancement) The ANGLE (A) option in polyline command which its behavior is similar as the one in line command is also added in Polyline. There are still three choices for angle option, you can either input angle value which takes X Axis as... Read More

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