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A QR code (quick response code) is a type of bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a mobile device like smartphone or tablet.Comparing with barcode, QR Code can storage more information and is widely applied in many... Read More

Align Tool

Simple and practical tool, allows to align selected objects such as: rectangle, circle, line, spline, arc, pline, block and even 3D model objects along the X or Y axis coordinates, avoiding to perform select and move commands. This tool has different... Read More

Graphic Compare

As we know the drawing compare function in GstarCAD can be used to compare similar drawings containing nearly number of drawn objects to each other, especially to compare different versions of revision drawings. Drawing compare can make comparisons... Read More


MAGNIFIER (a real alternative to change the habit of viewing details and drafting over the most complex drawing at glance). This tool helps to view a specific area of your drawing as a magnifier with the capability of snap points without performing... Read More

Object Snap +

Now within Object Snap tab, you can find a new added option called Distance from Endpoint. This option allows snap a certain distance from any endpoint of objects like line, arc, spline, pline, ellipse arc, mline and any other lines. As long as you... Read More

Break Object

In some industrial application design, sometimes we need to break pipes or cable lines in our schematic drawing to indicate their spatial relationship. Sometimes we also need to break lines at crossing point to make it convenient for the later edit.... Read More

Block Break

Working with block references that represent symbols are essential in some industrial application drawings like electrical schematics, piping, etc. But a headache comes when try to place these blocks accurately overlapping or even breaking other... Read More

Create AutoXls Table

  Menu : Express tools>AutoXlsTable>Create Table.Command Entry :_CAOT_AUTOXLSTABLE_CREATE Operation steps: 1. In the AutoXLSTable pull-down menu, click Create Table. 2.Create an Excel spreadsheet or open an existing Excel spreadsheet in... Read More

M2LVPORT Command

  Command name: M2LVPORT    M2LVPORT command creates a viewport on layout space by selecting objects in the model space. And then calculate the viewport size according to the set scale and locate the viewport in the layout space. You can... Read More

Pline Boolean

The Pline Boolean dialog box is displayed as shown in the following picture.  Menu:  Express>Draw>Pline Boolean Menu:  Modify>Pline Boolean Command Entry: GC_BoolOP Delete the entity choosen by second selection: Choose whether to... Read More

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