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 Getting started

License information

  Command name: REGISTER GstarCAD 2018 has an overall optimization on the original product register process and interface, which comprehensively enhances users’ experience of the product register process.   Read More

ABOUT command

The ABOUT command is used to display some information about GstarCAD. Command ABOUT Ribbon: Help > AboutMenu: Help > About  Function Description:  This command could display some information about copyright and product. The product... Read More


You can use the buttons on toolbars to start commands, display flyout toolbars, and display tooltips. Toolbars can be displayed or hidden, docked, and resized. When you move your mouse or pointing device over a toolbar button, the tooltip displays... Read More

Enter commands on the command Line

To enter a command you can use the keyboard. Some commands have abbreviated names called command aliases. Using the keyboard, type the full command name or command alias on the command line and press ENTER or SPACEBAR.   Specify Command Options You... Read More

Pan and Zoom

You can pan a view to reposition it in the drawing area or zoom it to change its magnification. Using the Realtime option of the PAN function, you move your pointing device to pan dynamically. PAN does not change the scale or location of objects... Read More

Work with Multiple Open Drawings

To switch from a drawing to another one when multiple files are open, there are a few different options: When multiple drawings are open, you can click anywhere in the drawing to activate it. Click the drawing name on File Tab bar. You can control... Read More

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