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Table function has been required for a while. Finally it is implemented into GstarCAD 2017 now. Although there was a table function in Express Tool in the old GstarCAD versions and MS EXCEL interactive AutoXlsTable as well, these functions were not... Read More

Modify Text

Text Height Menu : Express tools > GstarCAD Tools > Modify Text > Text HeightCommand Entry : TXT40 1.Start the command 2.Select a single line text 3.Input text height 4.Press enter to finish the command Width Factor Menu : Express... Read More

Area Table

  Command name: AREATABLE AREATABLE command automatically dimension and count the area of anenclosed object and export the result to a table in the current drawing area.  The enclosed area or object can be marked with a number or area symbol,... Read More

How do I change Mtext to lower or upper case?

You might make a mistake and want to change the text case… either to lower or upper case. Do you need to re-type it? No way! It is easy to do. Select the word you want to change for. Right click in the word, select the CHANGE CASE option> Lower... Read More

Create Single Line Text

Using single-line text (TEXT Command)  you can create one or more lines of text, where each line is an independent object. When you create single-line text, you can start a new line by press ENTER or click in the drawing. When you create single... Read More