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 Editing tools

MIRROR command

(Enhancement) In GstarCAD2017 we enhance the MIRROR command adding a new option. Besides picking start and end point to define mirror axis, you can also directly select objects as mirror axis like a line, polyline, a line of block, or an external... Read More

Edit Objects + Grips

(Polyline Enhancement) Polyline objects in GstarCAD 2016 now support multifunctional options. The available functions (Stretch, Add Vertex, and Convert to Arc) can be seen by hovering over a grip, and you can choose an option directly from the... Read More

CLIP Command

  Command name: CLIP The new CLIP command crops a block, external reference, image, viewport, and underlay (PDF or DGN) to a specified boundary. The new CLIP command can be used to replace XCLIP, IMAGECLIP, VPCLIP, PDFCLIP and DGNCLIP command... Read More

ALIGN command

The ALIGN command is used to align the selected objects to other objects in 2D or 3D space. Command ALIGN Ribbon:Home > Modify > AlignMenu: Modify > Align Function Description: This command could align the selected objects though... Read More


  Command name: HATCHTOBACK In order to avoid the filling pattern blocks text, label or other graphics on the drawing, you can set the display order of all the fill patterns after all other objects. Selects all hatches in the drawing, including... Read More


  Command name: REVERSE REVERSE command reverses the direction of selected lines, polylines, splines and helixes. This is very useful for wide polylines that contain text or have different startwidth and endwidth.Vertices of selected objects... Read More

Modify block definition

Block is very useful as reusable content. And when you need to create similar objects in your drawing. One of the most popular benefits is when you need to modify all instances; you only need to modify one. All other instances will be automatically... Read More