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Symmetric Draw

No matter it is AEC or MFG industry, there are many symmetric drawing shapes. The usual way to make a symmetric shape is to draw the first half of the shape and then get another symmetric half by copy or mirror.             It is possible to... Read More


The new Transparency feature in GstarCAD 2017 allows you specify a transparency value not only for hatch and gradient objects but also for an entire layer. Transparency effects can enhance drawings by reducing the visibility of objects that are... Read More


(Enhancement) Reference edition (REFEDIT) has been enhanced in GstarCAD 2017. Now you can edit an xref or a block definition directly within the current drawing. The objects that you select from the selected xref or block are temporarily extracted... Read More

Ribbon Command

  Command name: RIBBON/RIBBONCLOSE Now you can use the RIBBONCLOSE and RIBBON command to hide and display the ribbon respectively.     Related tutorial video:     Ribbon 00:33 Toolbars 00:47 Menus and Shortcut Menus 00:47 View 01:43... Read More

Dynamic Input

  (Upgated 2016 ) The traditional dynamic input has been improved, so now the dynamic input achieves the command line integration which means a great benefit by gaining more workspace and less eyes concentration.  Now the dynamic input in GstarCAD... Read More

Plot Transparency

Plot Transparency option in plot dialog box, specifies whether object transparency is plotted. This option should only be used when plotting drawings with transparent objects.For performance reasons, plotting transparency is disabled by default. This... Read More

Display Plot Styles

The Page Setup manager for layout supports the Display Plot Styles option. You can assign different plot style tables to each layout in your drawing. Using plot styles gives you great flexibility because you can set them to override other object... Read More

Command Line Suggestion List

Now when you enter a command at the command line, a list of related commands and variables are displayed. There is no need to enter the whole name of a command or system variable. Read More


  Command name: ATTSYNC The ATTSYNC command applies attribute changes in block definitions to all block references of the same name. You can use this command to update instances of blocks containing attributes that were redefined using the BLOCK... Read More

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