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 Setting / Configuration

Plot Setting

Now the Options dialog box supports a new tab (Plot and Publish). This tab helps users to control options related to plotting and publishing.     Read More

APERTURE command

The APERTURE command is used to controls the size of the object snap target box. Command APERTURE (or aperture for transparent use) Command Prompts Enter new value for APERTURE<10>: Function Description: The object snap could be... Read More

Layer Settings

The layer properties manager dialog box has been enhanced by adding the Layer Settings option. It controls when notification occurs for new layers, layer behavior when some layer is isolated, whether layer filters are applied to the Layers toolbar,... Read More


  Command name: SECURITY Sets the system security monitoring level, and display or delete the current trusted publisher certificate.   Read More

How to enable object snap to hatch ?

There are several users asking, why they can’t snap to hatch object, the answer is simple, because they did not enable a drafting option to snap to hatch object. To enable it, simply issue OPTION command. In option dialog box, drafting tab, in... Read More

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