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3DROTATE command, rotate 3D objects

The 3DROTATE command is used to rotate 3D objects around a base point in 3D space.. Command 3DROTATE Ribbon: 3D >3D Operations > Rotate 3DMenu: Modify > 3D Operations > 3D Rotate Command Prompts UCS current positive angle: ANGDIR... Read More

3DFORBIT Command

The 3DFORBIT is used to rotate 3D objects without rolling back. Command 3DFORBIT Ribbon : View >Navigate 2D>Constrained Orbit > Free Orbit Menu : View >Orbit >Free OrbitShortcut : Start any 3D navigation command, right-click in the... Read More

3D command

The 3D command is used to create 3D polyface meshes with common geometric shapes. Command 3D Command Prompts Enter an option [ Box/Cone/DIsh/DOme/Mesh/Pyramid/Sphere/Torus/Wedge ]: Relative Glossary:   Box :Create a 3D box polyface mesh... Read More

3DMOVE command

The 3DMOVE command is used to move 3D model to the specified direction and distance. Command 3DMOVE Ribbon: 3D > 3D Operations > 3D MoveMenu: Modify > 3D Operations> 3D Move Command Prompts Select object:Specify base point or ... Read More

3DMESH command

The 3DMESH command is used to create polygonal mesh in any styles. Command 3DMESH Ribbon: 3D > Mesh > 3D MeshMenu: Draw > Modeling > Meshes > 3D Mesh Command Prompts Enter size of mesh in M direction: Enter size of mesh in N... Read More

3DALIGN command

The 3DALIGN command is used to align selected object to other object in 2D and 3D space. Command 3DALIGN Ribbon : 3D> 3D Operations > 3D Align Command Prompts Select object:Specify source plane and direction...Specify base point or ... Read More

3DPOLY command

The 3DPOLY command is used to create 3D polylines. Command 3DPOLY   Ribbon: Home > Draw > 3D Polyline Menu:Draw > 3D Polyline Command Prompts Specify start point of polyline: Specify endpoint of line or [Undo]: Specify endpoint of... Read More

3DFACE command

The 3DFACE command is used to create three-sided face meshes or four-sided face meshes in three-dimension space. Command 3DFACE Ribbon : 3D >Mesh>3D Face Menu : Draw > Modeling > Meshes > 3D Face Command Prompts Specify first... Read More


  Command name: SECTIONPLANE With the SECTIONPLANE command, you can create a section object that acts as a cutting plane through solids, surfaces, or regions. If you turn on live sectioning, moving the section object throughout the 3D model in... Read More

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