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 System Variables

Options to simplify drawing appearances

Personally, I found that speeding up the whole system and optimizing GstarCAD are the better ways to make it work lighter and faster. However, you are probably curious if there are options to simplify drawing appearance. FILLMODE FILLMODE is very... Read More

List system Variable

To check the status of certain system variables, you can use the SETVAR command. After issuing the command, type? to begin the list, then apply an optional filter. For example entering DIM* will show all the dimension variables. Read More

Startup system Variable

This system variable toggles on/off the Startup dialog box to help users to setup drawing templates settings. Using this dialog box is safer. It will make them aware to select a template before actually start to draw. You can set this startup dialog... Read More

What is OFFSETGAPTYPE variable?

This system variable can have a drastic effect on the appearance of offsets. It‟s stored in the registry so it affects all drawings. The initial value is 0.  1 Fills the gaps with a filleted arc segment (the radius of the arc segment... Read More

What is TREEDEPTH variable?

Users with HUGE drawings may want to consider changing the value of the TREEDEPTH variable. It controls the GstarCAD Tree Spatial Index, which specifies the number of times the tree-structured spatial index may divide into branches. Setting the value... Read More

Using file dialog at prompts

Sometimes settings (such as FILEDIA) can cause certain routines to ask for a file name at the command prompt. In these cases you can enter the tilde ~ character followed by enter to bring up the file selection dialog. Read More

Ignoring object snap elevations

A frequent problem in objects snaps is the inheritance of the Z value when snapping to a point. GstarCAD addresses this problem with OSNAPZ system variable. If set to 0, osnap uses the z-value of the snapped point. If set to 1, it uses the x+y of the... Read More

What is SKPOLY variable?

By default, the SKETCH command creates a collection of line objects. To create polylines instead, set the SKPOLY variable to 1. Read More

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