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3DFORBIT Command

The 3DFORBIT is used to rotate 3D objects without rolling back.



Ribbon : View >Navigate 2D>Constrained Orbit > Free Orbit

Menu : View >Orbit >Free Orbit
Shortcut : Start any 3D navigation command, right-click in the drawing area and select Free Orbit,Press ESC or ENTER to exit, or right-click to display shortcut-menu.

Function Description:

  • If selected one of multiple objects before running this command, it will only display this object. Users could right-click to display other options in shortcut menu when 3DFORBIT command is active.
  • The 3DORBIT command could active free and dynamical observation of view in current viewport. If the UCS is on, the colored 3D UCS icon displays in 3D dynamical observation view. Before running it, users could choose to display one or more objects or the entire drawing by selecting specified objects.
  • The 3D free and dynamical observation view displays a navigation circle; it is divided into four parts by four smaller circles. The viewport or camera is rotating around target. The target point is in the center of navigation circle rather than the center of objects observed. The 3DFORBIT command is different from the 3DORBIT command; it will not limit view rolling back and screen orthogonal axis rotation.

Note: when the 3DORBIT command is active, users could not edit anything.

Moving the cursor over different parts of navigation circle will change the cursor icon and display the rotation direction.

Users could right-click to display other options in shortcut menu when 3DORBIT command is active.

Tip : under the 3D dynamical observation mode, users could temporarily enter 3D free and dynamical observation mode by pressing SHIFT.