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3DMESH command

The 3DMESH command is used to create polygonal mesh in any styles.



Ribbon: 3D > Mesh > 3D Mesh
Menu: Draw > Modeling > Meshes > 3D Mesh

Command Prompts

Enter size of mesh in M direction:
Enter size of mesh in N direction:
Specify location for vertex (0, 0):
Specify location for vertex (0, 1):

Function Description :

 The density of mesh controls number of mosaic surface. The mesh is defined by M×N vertexes of rectangles, this is similar to row and column of grid. It is a traditional way to create mesh by 3DMESH command and designed for program operation rather than manual operation.

Relative Glossary :


  • Size of mesh in M direction :  Specify size of mesh in M direction, it is a value between 2 and 256.
  • Size of mesh in N direction :  Specify size of mesh in N direction, it is a value between 2 and 256. The value of M×N must be equal to the specified vertex number.
  • Location for vertex (0, 0) : Specify coordinates for each vertex. Users could input two dimension or three dimension coordinates. The location for each vertex is determined by the M and N (M is the subscript of row and N is the subscript of column). Define vertex coordinate beginning with (0, 0) and firstly specify the vertex coordinate with M, and then specify M+1.

The distance of vertex could be any value and directions of M and N are determined by their coordinate locations.

Meshes created by 3DMESH command are open in M and N direction; users could use PEDIT command to close them.