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autocad similar command

-LINETYPE command

The -LINETYPE command is used to load, set up, and modify linetypes.

Command Access:

Command : -LINETYPE

Command Prompts:

Enter an option [? /Create/Load/Set]:

Relative Glossary::

?-list linetype:
Display the "Select Linetype File" dialog box. It will list all available linetype files after selecting LIN file type.

autocad command -linetype

Create a new linetype and save it to LIN file. Display the "Create or Append Linetype File" dialog box. Specify the file to add linetypes. Users could not use the LINETYPE command to create complex linetype

.autocad command -linetype create

LoadLoad the defined linetype. The "gcadiso.lin" file contains standard linetype. Display the "Select Linetype File" dialog box. Inputting or selecting the saved linetype file to load it.

autocad command -linetype load

Set the current linetype for later creating objects. Users could control the object linetype separately or by layer. Set the inputted linetype to be current. No matter what is the current layer, all new objects are created by this the current layer. If the needed linetype has not been loaded, it will search and define it in "gcadiso.lin" file. If it has not been loaded and does not include in "gcadiso.lin" file, it will display the message and return to command prompt.
Input "?" to list all loaded linetype names. Inputting "bylayer", the new created object will inherit associated linetype of its layer. Inputting "byblock", the new created object will use the CONTINUOUS linetype until forming a block. No matter when inserting a block, objects in block inherit linetype of block.


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