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GstarCAD stand-alone version online deactivation, 2018 - 2022

  System requirements 
  Download the latest installer 
  Online Activate 
Deactivation / Retum 

If the GstarCAD is installed on the computer without internet access or an internal error may cause by the firewall or any blocked by security service.

Offline Deactivation  

Standalone License Key Return

When you are going to change another computer or upgrade your system, to ensure you can use this software again after you changing the system, you need to return license before you change your system, hard disk, or main board.

Online Return: Make sure your computer connect to the internet. You can return your license key online

Manual Return: There is no need of internet connection.Youcan manually return your license key


Then the following window opens and clicks the Return button.


Online Return

Instruction: make sure your computer connects to the internet.


1. Click Online Return (O) and select the license which you want to return and click the Return button.


2. After a few seconds, the "Return the license successful"window opens. ClickOK button to close the window. Then you can see the license you have selected to return has disappeared from License information.