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GstarCAD Downloads

  System requirements 
Download the latest installer 
  Online Activate 
  Deactivation / Retum 


[1]Upgrading from GstarCAD to latest BUILD,, Click HELP > ABOUT from ribbon or classic menu to check the current version.

Before downloading the version of GstarCAD you purchase, check the license key / serial number from the Gstarsoft License portal; maybe you license key/serial number eligibility to activate the next version of GstarCAD.

The product below available to download from GstarCAD Malaysia  ( 

Launch and run the GstarCAD2021_xxxx .msi (or the GstarCAD2021_xxxx.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions. (Download the installer > Run as Administrator).

30DAYS TRIAL: GstarCAD trial version has 30 days fully functional evaluation period. After the evaluation period, some cad functions (e.g., save, export, and copy-paste) will be limited.

32BIT & 64BIT: GstarCAD 32bit and 64bit can’t be installed on the same computer.

MULTIPLE VERSIONS: Installing GstarCAD does not install over older major versions of GstarCAD; multiple versions of GstarCAD can be installed on the same computer, but if you do, don't need the older versions, uninstalling those versions makes a tidier computer.

TRANSFER LICENSE: Activated (soft encryption type) single-user licenses are “locked” to the machine you licensed GstarCAD. If you purchase a new machine and want to transfer your GstarCAD license to that new machine, you will need to return your license from your old machine.