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Enter commands on the command Line

To enter a command you can use the keyboard. Some commands have abbreviated names called command aliases. Using the keyboard, type the full command name or command alias on the command line and press ENTER or SPACEBAR.


Specify Command Options

You will either see a set of options or a dialog box when you enter commands on the command line. For example, when you enter the circle at the command prompt, the following prompt will be displayed: CIRCLE Specify center point for circle or [3P/2P/Ttr/Arc/Multiple]:

 command Line

Enter the letters capitalized in one of the options in the brackets to try a different option.


Execute Commands

Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to execute commands. You can also right-click your pointing device after entering command names or responses to prompts.


Repeat and Cancel Commands

If you want to repeat the command you just executed, press ENTER or SPACEBAR, or right-click your pointing device at the command prompt.



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