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autocad similar command

ROTATE command.

The ROTATE command is used to rotate selected object around the specified base point.

Command Access:

Ribbon : Home > Modify > Rotate
Menu : Modify > Rotate
Command : ROTATE
Shortcut : select object and right-click, and then click "Rotate"

Command Prompts:

UCS current positive angle: ANGDIR=counter clockwise ANGBASE=0
Select object:
Specify the base point:
Specify rotation angle or [Copy/Reference] <0>:

Relative Glossary:

autocad command rotate -

Rotation angle:
Specify the rotation angle.
The rotation axis goes across the specified base point and is parallel to Z axis of current UCS.

autocad command rotate - angle

Create a copy of selected object.
Specify a reference angle, the selected object rotated to a new absolute angle referencing to the specified reference angle

autocad command rotate - reference angle

Rotating selected objects, the frame of viewport is parallel to the boundary of drawing area.


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