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FIND command

The FIND command is used to find specified text. Users could replace certain text according to needs. Command Access: Menu : Edit > Find...Command : FIND Dialog Box Description: Find and Replace Dialog Box is displayed. Find What: Specify the... Read More

Why GstarCAD products failed to install?

The frequent Issues happen when installing GstarCAD software.   Outdated or corrupted installer: Make sure you download the software installer from the official download page or authorized GstarCAD partner website,  If you received the software... Read More

-LINETYPE command

The -LINETYPE command is used to load, set up, and modify linetypes. Command Access: Command : -LINETYPE Command Prompts: Enter an option [? /Create/Load/Set]: Relative Glossary:: ?-list linetype: Display the "Select Linetype File" dialog box. It... Read More

Draw Axonometric Line

Using this function can easily draw an axonometric drawing Menu : Express>GstarCAD Tools>Draw Axonometric Line Command Entry : SALPL Operation steps: 1. Start the command. 2. Input the line width value. 3. The command line will prompt as below,... Read More

Drawing Scale

You can set the drawing scale before drawing, when you are using other tools (for example "Line Such as Chord" and "Modify Line width"), our software will adjust the scale automatically Menu : Express>GstarCAD Tools>Drawing Scale Command Entry ... Read More

Batch Print

Batch print drawings with the same drawing frame attribute. Menu : Express tools>Plot Tool>Batch Print Command Entry : BP Operation steps: 1. Start the command. 2. Specify the type of frame, you can select Layer/ Block/ Polyline so that the... Read More

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