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The MATERIALS command is used to open the "Materials" dialog box. Command Access: Ribbon : 3D > Render > MaterialsMenu : View > Render > MaterialsCommand : MATERIALS Function Description: Users could browse and manage materials in the ... Read More

-LINETYPE command

The -LINETYPE command is used to load, set up, and modify linetypes. Command Access: Command : -LINETYPE Command Prompts: Enter an option [? /Create/Load/Set]: Relative Glossary:: ?-list linetype: Display the "Select Linetype File" dialog box. It... Read More

FIND command

The FIND command is used to find specified text. Users could replace certain text according to needs. Command Access: Menu : Edit > Find...Command : FIND Dialog Box Description: Find and Replace Dialog Box is displayed. Find What: Specify the... Read More


The BLOCKTOXREF command Replace all instances of a standard block with an xref. Unbind xrefs that are bound. Command Access :  Menu : Express>Blocks>Convert Block to Xref Command Entry : BLOCKTOXREF BLOCKTOXREF searches the entire drawing for... Read More

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