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GstarCAD 2016 Upgrade - Hardware-encryption. Type 1 - Standalone

Dongle upgrade procedures

  1. Download GstarCAD Dongle Update tool.exe from attachment or gstarcad download page.
  2. Launch the Dongle update software on the computer which have the dongle.

Click ONLY GETSN ;  it will generate a .lov file, save this, and email to us.


Please stated clearly which Dongle Serial Number associate with which .lov file.

This is to avoid any confusion or delay in the process of upgrading the dongle.

e.g. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.lov

Once we have the .lov file, we will provide you with a reply within 1-3 working days with the response file (.liv). Here are the procedures on how to reprogram your dongle to be able to support GstarCAD 2016.
Procedures ;

  1. Use the same dongle update software.
  2. Plug in the correct dongle only with the same serial number > click GET  UPDATE FILE. > browse to the same serial number .liv file


Download and Install GstarCAD 2016:
1 ; Download  GstarCAD2016_xxx_x64.exe for 64 bits windows  or GstarCAD2016_xxx_x86.exe if you are using 32bits Windows. (gstarcad download page)
2 : Install and run GstarCAD 2016 > with your dongle plugged in > choose the version you are using >NEXT > Standalone > Hardware encryption > Next.

Click here If you need GstarCAD 2016 installation Guide.