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ADCENTER command

The ADCENTER command is used to display the Design Center window. Command Access: Ribbon : View > Palettes > Design CenterMenu : Tools > Palettes > Design Center Command : ADCENTERShortcut : CTRL+2 Function Description: This command could... Read More

ADCSTATE system variable

Function Description: The ADCSTATE system variable is used to indicate whether the Design Center is in on or off mode.(Read-Only) Type : Integer Saved in : Not saved Initial value : Unknown Range : 0,1 System Variable Value: 0 : off1 : on   Read More

Create Blocks

You can create blocks by selecting objects, specifying a name and base point. You can also create TEXT information as attributes of blocks. You can define a blocks by BLOCK , insert a DWG/DXF file, COPYCLIP and paste as BLOCK , or binding an XREF... Read More

How to copy relevant features from another drawing?

Users will have the ability to copy relevant drawing features like dimension and text styles, blocks, layers, linetypes and xrefs from Drawing A and add it to Drawing B using DESIGNCENTER tool in GstarCAD. 1. To open DesignCenter, you can either use... Read More

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