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TCOUNT command

The TCOUNT command is used to adds sequential numbering to text objects. The numbering can appear as a prefix, suffix or replacement text. After selecting one or multiple texts, you can set the text sorting method, the starting number and increment of text sorting and generated numbers placement mode.

Command Access :

Menu : Text >Automatic Text Numbering

Command Entry : TCOUNT

Operation steps:

1.Start the command.

2.Select TEXT, MTEXT or ATTDEF objects:

3.Sort selected objects by [X/Y/Select-order]

X : Places numbers by increasing the x-coordinate value of the selected text.
Y : Places numbers by decreasing the y-coordinate value of the selected text.
Select-order: Places numbers according to the order in which the text was selected.

After specifying the method of order, the following prompts will be displayed in the command line:

4.Specify starting number and increment (Start increment) <1,1>: Enter the starting number and increment, separated by a comma, or press ENTER

Note: Negative increments (decrements) are supported. Precede decrements with a minus sign.

5.Specify the placement of numbers in text [Overwrite/Prefix/Suffix/Find&replace..] < Prefix>:, Enter an option or press ENTER

Overwrite: Replaces selected text strings with numbers

Prefix: Adds the number as a prefix to text

Suffix: Adds the number as a suffix to text

Find&replace: Replaces a user specified text string with a number

Usage Example:

1.Starting number = 1, increment = 1 added as prefix:

tcount command - increment 1 added as prefix

2.Starting number = 20, increment = -10 added as suffix:

tcount command - increment 20 added as prefix

3.Starting number = 2, increment = 2, Overwrite:

tcount command - increment 2 overwrite