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SPLINE command

The SPLINE command is used to create smooth curves through or near a group of fit points.

Command Access:

Ribbon : Home > Draw > Spline
Menu : Draw > Spline
Command : SPLINE

Command Prompts:

Specify first point or [Object]:
Specify next point:
Specify next point or [Close/Fit tolerance] :
Specify start tangent:
Specify end tangent:

Function Description:

The SPLINE is called non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS), for simplicity, called splines. It is defined by fit points. By default, the fit points are coinciding with spline.

autocad command spine -

Relative Glossary:

First point:
Specify the first point of a spline.
Convert 2D or 3D polylines that fitted by quadric splines or cubic splines to equivalent splines. Users could save or quit original polylines by setting the DELOBJ system variable.
Next point:
Prompt to create other splines, press ENTER to end the command prompts.
Close the spline by defining the last point coincides with the first point. By default, the closed spline is periodicity and keeps curvature continuously along the entire ring.

autocad command spine - first point, next point, cloase

Fit tolerance:

autocad command spine - fit tolerence

Specify the offset of fit points of a spline. If the fit tolerance is 0, the created spline goes through all fit points. The fit tolerance is applied on all fit points (except the start point and the end point).
Start tangent:

Specify the tangent condition at the start point of a spline

autocad command spine - start tangent

End tangent:
Specify the tangent condition at the end point of a spline.

autocad command spine - end tanget