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Save and Restore Layer States

Current layer settings can be saved to a layer state, which can be changed and its layer settings restored to the drawing later. Save Layer States Layer states like on or locked and layer properties (LAYER) are all layer settings, which can be saved... Read More

Save and Restore Views

If you have saved specific views by name, you can restore them for layout and plotting or when you need to refer to specific details. Save a view The following settings are saved when you name and save a view : View scale, view position and view... Read More

Restore from a System Failure

If this program terminated unexpectedly, because of a hardware problem, power failure or a software problem, you can restore the drawing files that were open at the time of termination. You can save your current work to a different file when the... Read More

Store Blocks

Individually drawing files can be used for blocks (BLOCK ). Create a New Drawing File There are two methods to create drawing files: Create and save a complete drawing file using SAVE or SAVEAS . Create and save only selected objects to a new... Read More

Update and Bind Referenced Drawings

All DWG references (XREF) are updated automatically, when you open a drawing. You can also use the Reload option from the External References palette (EXTERNALREFERENCES) or dialog box. Notification of Changed Xrefs When you attach xrefs to a drawing... Read More

LAYWALK command

The LAYWALK command is used to display objects on selected layers and hide objects on other layers. Command Access: Ribbon : Home > Layer > LAYWALKMenu : Format > Layer Tools > Layer Walk...Command:  LAYWALK Function Description: The... Read More

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