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Base Point Parameter

Although the majority of parameters only taken into effect when operations are matched with actions, there are exceptions, base point parameter is one of them. 1.Define blocks Define block and draw a circle in the block editor, as shown in the... Read More

ROTATE command.

The ROTATE command is used to rotate selected object around the specified base point. Command Access: Ribbon : Home > Modify > RotateMenu : Modify > RotateCommand : ROTATEShortcut : select object and right-click, and then click "Rotate"... Read More

BASE command

The BASE command is used to insert base point for the current drawing settings. Command Access: Ribbon : Home > Block > Set Base PointMenu : Draw > Block > Base pointCommand : BASE (or 'base for transparent use) Command Prompts:... Read More

Create Blocks

You can create blocks by selecting objects, specifying a name and base point. You can also create TEXT information as attributes of blocks. You can define a blocks by BLOCK , insert a DWG/DXF file, COPYCLIP and paste as BLOCK , or binding an XREF... Read More

3DROTATE command

The 3DROTATE command is used to rotate 3D objects around a base point in 3D space. Command Access: Ribbon : 3D >3D Operations > Rotate 3DMenu : Modify > 3D Operations > 3D RotateCommand : 3DROTATE Command Prompts: UCS current positive... Read More

COPYBASE command

The COPYBASE command is used to copy object together with specified base point to clipboard. Command Access: Menu : Edit > Copy with Base PointCommand : COPYBASEShortcut : SHIFT+CTRL+C; Right click on the drawing area, click "Clipboard" option,... Read More

Graphic Compare

As we know the drawing compare function in GstarCAD can be used to compare similar drawings containing nearly number of drawn objects to each other, especially to compare different versions of revision drawings. Drawing compare can make comparisons... Read More

Selection Scale

This function can zoom in and zoom out the whole table base on the point you specified. Menu : Express>Table Tools>Selection Scale Command Entry : BGSF Operation steps : 1. Start the command. 2. Specify the base point for the line of table. 3.... Read More

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