The power of Performance

The performance plays an important role in every GstarCAD version, therefore Gstarsoft is making great effort in performance optimization continuously. On GstarCAD 2016, the performance is obviously enhanced in many aspects.

  1. Common Operations Performance Optimization
    Common operation tasks including open, copy, move, undo… the performance speed has been enhanced 20%, and users entire drawing efficiency can be improved more than 10% if compare with previous version.

Layout Space Switching Performance Optimization

In previous versions many users got some time trouble when switching between model and layout space for big or complex drawings. Now GstarCAD 2016 focuses on layout space switching optimization, which reduces time considerably. Especially when switching layouts over twice is even much faster than before.

Objects Visualization Optimization

GstarCAD 2016 enhances object’s visualization and the ability to snap points over these objects more accurate than previous version. Now when performing zoom in or zoom out, over circle(s) or arc(s), no matter how many of those objects you have created, these will keep the same shape (no contour edges displayed) thus you can snap points much accurately, enhancing drafting capability and better object visualization.


Published on: Sat, Oct 29, 2016 at 6:42 PM | Viewed: 33346 times.