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What’s new in GstarCAD 2020

GstarCAD 2020 has just been released and is available to download here and purchase at NEOFAME’s official store. But before downloading and starting your free trial, let’s talk about some of the features in GstarCAD 2020 and what you can expect from it.

New Interface — small change, big difference!

GstarCAD 2020 provides users with a concise and familiar interface, and users can easily customize the interface. In addition, the new dark color theme and icon design in GstarCAD 2020 will reduce eye strain and create a favorable working environment at your best.

IFC File Format Import and Export

  • IFC file format is supported in GstarCAD 2020, and users can import and export standard IFC files and view 3D models by category very conveniently.
  • Importing and Exporting PDF has never been so easy
  • Import TrueType text, raster image, etc. from a PDF file or transform it (underlay) to GstarCAD objects and export drawings to a PDF file

More new features are available in GstarCAD Collaboration.

Collaboration is not new in GstarCAD; however, GstarCAD 2020 has added new features in GstarCAD Collaboration and helps users work more efficiently.

Quick Properties

Quick Properties is a set of object properties displayed on the Properties Panel. GstarCAD 2020 allows users to customize their own Quick Properties to meet different needs.


The above are a few of the new features of GstarCAD 2020; for more new features and enhancements, visit GstarCAD Malaysia to learn more.