ARX command

The ARX command is used to load, unload Object ARX application program and provide related information.



Command Prompts

Enter options [File/Group/Command/CLass/Service/Load/Unload]::

Relative Glossary:


  • File : List current loaded object ARX application program, it could be the third party program or internal application program (such as Render).
  • Group : Make the specified command group as the firstly searched one when users are interpreting command names.
  • Command : List AcEd registered commands.
  • CLass : Display C++ hierarchical structure defined by registered objects in system.
  • Service :  List all names of registered service.
  • Load : Display “ObjectARX/DBX file” dialog box. Users could use this option to load specified ObjectARX application programs.
  • Unload : Unload specified ObjectARX application programs.
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